It’s ROYAL RUMBLE RAW … and other then seeing some clips from a PPV … you could have already watched … this is JUST a LONG RAW.

The First two hour RAW! We have Vader and Steve Austin. Savio Vega rolling with the NATION taking on Flash Funk and his BOOTS! No bait and switch! WWF World Tag Team Titles are ON THE LINE; Doug Furnas & Philip LaFon challenge Owen Hart & The British Bulldog … who just can’t seem to keep it together!

Crush continues to challenge are understanding on human anatomy; going head to head with GOLDUST – who comes to the ring with the boomerang kid from Mad Max!!!

No Bait and Switch here folks! We have a WWF Intercontinental Title match, Hunter Hearst Helmsley  against Marc Mero. The ever so dangerous Sable is barred from ringside and Curtis Hughes is banned from working in the WWF apparen

tly!  And for SOME REASON Ahmed Johnson & The Undertaker take on Faarooq & Mankind! It’s a RAW for the record books folks! FIRST TWO HOUR RAW!


Join Brian and Mikey as they discuss the high spots and the low points of Monday Night … sorry, ROYAL RUMBLE RAW #196!

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