This week it’s THURSDAY RAW THURSDAY LIVE! We’ve got LOST SMILES and A VACANT TITLE! PLUS The Blue blood defends the Intercontinental Title against the Swedish PRINCE IKEA! Will his cheaply made shoulder block be enough to put Hunter’s nose in the dirt! Honky Tonk Man is HERE! … so there’s that. The Headbangers DEBUT against the Yellowed Jockstrap wearing Aldo Montoya & “Vroom Vroom” Bobby Holly! The DEAD MAN takes on The Puerto Rican DUSTY RHODES! Austin VS. Syntax Sid! Farooq & Crush  vs. The Owen Show!

AND in the MAIN EVENT … The HAPPIEST MAN in the building against … probably the least, Big Cease and Desist Vader!

PLUS … The MOST D’Lo Brown per square inch then you’ve seen ALL YEAR*!


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